how to live forever

by a.c.d

CONTENT WARNINGS: the inevitable heat death of the universe

The universe will die one day like every universe that’s ever existed. 

It will collapse in on itself like paper folding in flame —  

a body decaying in an ever-present grave,

a supernova of smoke and stars 

But I

will not. 

Because no one ever taught the cosmos how to die properly, but I 

figured it out when I was six years old and I’ve been 

doing it ever since. 

(The secret is not to stop)

The sun will die one day because all it is 

is ash and light, and all life is is ash and light, but I

am a corpse drowning in an ever-present ocean — 

a ghost haunting in perpetual motion,

and my body has dirty water to douse its flames.

So I

will not.